who, me?

My name is Meagan DeGraaf.

Like many others, I have a difficult time explaining myself. There’s no way I’m going to do the typical “I am __ years old and I go to ______ school in _________ city and I like to _______, _____, and ______.” I guess that says a little bit about me right there.

Because here’s the thing: I don’t like to do things by the rules. But at the same time, I’m not a total rulebreaker. I’m a college student right now, and I’m the kind of person who rarely skips classes. I like to live life on the edge, not nearly falling off it.

I’m the type who probably won’t say a word to you unless you speak to me, but I won’t shut up once we’re friends (and it’s not too hard to be my friend). Some parts of my life are intricately organized to each finely tuned detail, but the visible pieces are often cluttered. If someone asks me to drop what I’m doing and drive to an unknown location, I’m up for it. But I also like to plan every detail of my trips back home for holidays. I am a walking contradiction.

Besides contradicting myself, I do have some other hobbies. I love to travel – anytime, anywhere. Some of my absolute favorite places I’ve gone are Disney World, California, the Smoky Mountains, New York City, and the UP (it’s a Michigan thing). I haven’t been everywhere yet but I hope to fill that map up as much as possible.

Another thing I enjoy doing is using a pen. I like to write, draw, underline things in my poetry textbook, etc. I frequently draw things on my arm (I currently have a world map on the inside of my elbow) and often regret it because I get stains on my clothes sometimes.

My home state is that midwestern one shaped like a mitten. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I now live in a small farm town in Iowa whilst studying for college. I don’t know where I’ll end up after this. Maybe California? I’m kind of sick of the cold weather. A writer can really live anywhere, so I’ll be happy wherever I end up.

I don’t want to write about myself much longer, because reflecting on myself is way too difficult. And who cares, right?

Anyway, this is going to be my place of practice. I could probably find a quote about how writers need to write often in order to improve, but you can look that up yourself. I’ll do my best to write like crazy. There will be reflections, short stories, and other words posted on here whenever I have the time.

In the meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy my writing.

*note: all the pictures I use for my posts are my own. I also love photography*

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