Meagan LeeAnn DeGraaf has been a writer since the age of six, when her debut story Bananella was typed up and printed out by her mom. This story, an emotional and healthful take on Cinderella where all the characters were made of fruit, launched her mind into dreams of becoming an author one day. After spending all her free time reading and trying to write, she got bored in first grade, particularly when a boy tried to argue with the teacher that “a” couldn’t be a word. She realized that was the time to get ahead in her writing, and she has striven toward greatness ever since.

Her writing appeared in a couple poetry anthologies in her early years, and she began to create longer works. In high school, she compiled and edited a collection of short stories from journal entries she had written in middle school. At 16, she used the power of the internet to self-publish her first book, Loud at Heart. It wasn’t a bestseller by any means, but it gave her a sense of satisfaction and motivated her to keep writing.

She attended Dordt College, a small liberal arts institution in northwest Iowa, studied writing and communication, and kept busy between her classes, writing for the student-led paper The Diamond, playing the viola in the area symphony, tutoring freshman English students, writing a couple novels, and working at the local grocery store. Meagan now spends her free time writing a variety of pieces: short stories, promotional copy for local businesses, manuscripts that may or may not be published someday, and anything else that stretches her mind, typing muscles, and portfolio. She also does as much editing as she can, most recently for a counseling institute, as they worked to create a 300+ page textbook for their students.

Meagan lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has a wonderful 25-pound cat named President Moo William III, loves coffee (and coffeehouses), creates fine art and photographs whenever possible, and is engaged to the graduate school student of her dreams. And she cannot wait to see where her love of words will take her next.

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